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Maggie Co., LTD.

In Gunma, Since 1971

Production of embroidery lace

1663 Himukai Tatebayashi Gunma
Tel. +81 (0276) 72 - 4631
Fax. +81 (0276) 75 - 0055

Fuji lace

FUJI Lace Co., LTD

In Tokyo, Since 1959

Retailing for lace etc

1 - 10 - 8, Bakurocho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel. +81 (3) 3664 - 6214
Fax. +81 (3) 3664 - 6204

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Global Network

Among many other industries, the Fashion industry has also been quickly conquered by globalization. In order for us to facilitate smooth goods exchange, we have been pushing to accomplish global network. We have been actively trading with Switzerland, France, Thailand, China, Taiwan, US. Mizorogi functions as a trading company and a manufacturer; our mission is to continue to offer the products that fashion industry - especially lace users - are looking for at their requested quality, timing, price. We have been committed to achieve this mission and this is how we have been able to position ourselves as we are now.

As the changes of fashion trends accelerate and the market needs diversify, the functions of MIZOROGI are becoming more and more essential.

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