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How to Distinguish Front and Back of Fabric


Embroidery Lace

It is often considered easy to distinguish this kind of lace since the design is on the ground fabric, but actually it is very easy to get mixed up with other kinds of lace. It is because of the advanced technology, the yarns do not run in the back and both sides seem alike. If you look carefully, there are yarns that go flat; this side is the back.


Leavers Lace

Leavers lace is made with thin yarns. Taking it by hand, or looking at it on some other fabric, semi-pros also mix up with other kinds of lace. The best way to distinguish is to place the leavers lace on other fabric or paper board with different color, and try to see if there are yarns outlining designs hover above the surface; that is the front. The designs on the back have no accent yarns and it has less clear lines.


Raschel Lace

This is knitted lace so let's look at each loops: the oulined yarns for the designs run with accent and it seems like hovering above like Leavers Lace.


Chemical Lace

Chemical lace is a type of embroidery lace. It can be difficult to distinguish depending on the shape. If the surface seem to be lustrous and the designs are clearly seen, that is front. If you look even more carefully, the lines of yarns are running pararel. The each back-yarns are crossing to the next one, and the touching seems to be rough.

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