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Variety of Lace

Different types of lace

= Types by Lace Machine =


Embroidery Lace

Embroidery lace is made with stitches on ground fabric by embroidery machines. There are ones with ground fabric, bore, resolved ground fabric (chemical lace). It is most widely used.


Leavers Lace

Yarns have interwined structure. First, create a punching card called Jacquard. This Jacquard cards instruct yarns to move left - right directions to weave as designed. Over 10,000 yarns are set to make hoops with bobbin yarns to create lace structure.


Raschel Lace

Raschel lace appears similar to Leavers' lace, but the raschel lace machine is a kind of knitting machine and the motifs and designs are done in warp knitting structure. Even if the same yarn is used, structure is completely different from Leaver's lace. In order to reflect the designs there are Jacquard card method and Chain drum method.


Torchon Lace (bobbin lace)

Torchon (bobbin) Lace resembles a lot to handmade knitted lace. It is actually machanized the handmade lace used by kings and noble families in middle age Europe; thus has long history. This method as well to braiders, clockwise bobbins and anti-clockwise bobbins rotate in 8 shapes to intercross each coiled yarns to create the designs by Jacquard devices.

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